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Goat Anti-Human IgA (alpha chain specific), Affinity Purified

Catalog Number: GH9300
Product IDSizePrice (USD)
GH9300-11 mg$52.00
GH9300-Cbulk qty.inquire
ApplicationsImmunoassays as detection or capture antibody
ReactivitiyHuman IgA alpha chain
Product TypePolyclonal antibody
Product FormAffinity purified, unconjugated
FormatLiquid in screw capped vials, not lyophilized
Host SpeciesGoat
StorageStore at -20 °C.
ShippingShip on ice-pack or on dry ice
Intended UseFor Research Use or Manufacturing Purpose Only


The goat anti-human IgA antibody is affinity-isolated from goat antiserum. The purified anti-human IgA antibody binds to the alpha chains on human IgA and has a minimal or none reactivity to the light chains of human immunoglobulins. It reacts with all human IgA subclasses.

This high quality purified antibody can be used as a detection or capture antibody in a variety of immunoassays. The antibody preparation can be used for conjugation reactions. Supplied as a liquid form in PBS buffer, this goat anti-human IgA antibody preparation does not contain preservatives or any stabilizers, and is available in large volumes for further manufacturing use.

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