Frequently Asked Questions

Can the anti-bioting antibody be used in other detection procedures?

Yes, the anti-biotin antibody is mouse monoclonal, purified via our purification procedure. It has been used in ELISA for biotinylated primary antibodies to amplify detection signals.

Does the TMB OneSolution substrate for ELISA is ready to use?

Yes, TMB OneSolution is formulated as All-in-One format. No need to add any component to it. Just add this reagent to the plate well after the HRP conjugate wash step.

How to store the TMB OneSolution substrate when we receive it, and what is the shelf-life of this reagent?

The TMB OneSolution substrate is stable. You may keep it in cool area, such as in the Refg. or at room temperature. We recommand to keep at 4 - 8 °C. The shelf life is 12 month. However, you may still use it beyond 12 month.

Do I need to read the ELISA plate right after stop solution added?

No, with the TMB OneSolution, the yellow color is stable after adding 1 N H2SO4. Within 24 hours, the reading should not be changed.

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