DAB Substrate System for IHC, (30X/30X)

Cat. No.: DAB-303
Category: Chromogen Substrate, IHC, CISH


A high performance DAB (3,3'-Diaminobenzidine) liquid chromogen substrate system, is intended for use in IHC and CISH staining procedures. The DAB chromogen is commonly used in HRP-based immunodetection procedures. In the presence of peroxidase and hydrogen peroxide, DAB chromogen is oxidized to produce alcohol-insoluble dark brown color precipitate and deposit at the HRP conjugate targeted site. Supplied as a concentrate (30X), two-component system, this DAB liquid chromogen substrate kit offers a sensitive and rapid clean detection performance in IHC stainings.


ApplicationsIHC, CISH
PrinciplesHRP substrate
Kit ComponentsComponent B: substrate buffer with hydrogen peroxide (30x)
Component A: DAB chromogen (30x)
Analysis TestsIHC
ShippingShipped at ambient temperature
StorageStore at 2-8 °C
Intended UseFor Research Use Only
PrecautionsThis product contains DAB: a potentail CARCINOGEN which should
be handled by professional users only

Ordering Information

Product NumberSizePrice (USD)
DAB-303-33 ml kit65.00
DAB-303-77 ml kit95.00