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DAB Substrate Kit

Catalog Number: DAB-303
Product IDSizePrice (USD)
DAB303-31 kit$50.00
ShippingShipped at ambient temperature
StorageStore at 2-8 °C
Intended UseFor Research Use Only
PrecautionsThis product contains DAB: a potentail CARCINOGEN which should be handled by professional users only


This sensitive, easy-to-use DAB (3,3'-Diaminobenzidine) chromogen substrate is supplied as concentrate two-component kit, packed in two dropper bottles. The DAB kit is intended for use in a IHC, CISH detection procedure.

In the presence of peroxidase and hydrogen peroxide, DAB chromogen is oxidized to produce alcohol-insoluble dark brown color precipitate and deposit at the HRP conjugate targeted site.

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