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TruVision™ Poly-HRP IHC Detection kit, (anti-mouse/rabbit, with DAB)

Catalog Number: IHC-701
Product IDSizePrice (USD)
IHC701-1515ml kit$280.00
IHC701-110110ml kit$740.00
ShippingShipped at ambient temperature
StorageStore at 2-8 °C, All reagents are stable for at least one year after received
Intended UseFor Research Use Only


The TruVision ™ IHC detection kit is intended for use with mouse or rabbit primary antibody to detect its target in human tissues. The IHC kit is biotin-free, The kit includes DAB substrate. The improved DAB substrate component offers outstanding performance with consistency and stability (DAB working solution is stable for many hours when two components are mixed).

Kit Contents

  • Blocking Reagent
  • Secondary Link
  • Poly-HRP Conjugate
  • DAB Substrate Buffer (1X)
  • DAB Chromogen (concentrate)

The sensitive Poly-HRP conjugates are created by attaching compact peroxidase clusters to antibody without using large linear backbone molecules. The compact poly-HRP conjugate has better accessibility to its target than other traditional conjugates. The reagents are packed in dropper bottles.

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