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Mouse Ascites Production Service

Service Code: HS510

Ascites production is one of the most cost-effective methods to produce monoclonal antibodies in large scale. Usually, about 3 - 5 ml of ascites can be collected from a single mouse. To schedul an ascites production project, customers will send us the cell line(s) in frozen vials or growing cells in flasks. The production process takes 3-4 weeks.

  • Protein A purification
  • Antigen specific affinity purification
  • Peptide antibody purification
  • Ion exchange chromatography

Service Deliverables

  • priming balb/c mice
  • cell culture, cell viability check
  • cell inoculation and ascites fluid collection

Ordering Information

To start the project and set up schedule, please fill out the order form, and send the completed form to us before sending out cell lines. We also offer antibody purification services for purifying mouse antibody from ascites fluids. Please contact us for pricing.

Description Price
10 primed ballb/c mice $630
20 primed ballb/c mice $950
30 primed balb/c mice $1280
>30 mice Inquire
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