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Monocloanl Antibody Hybridoma Development

Service Code: HS509

The monoclonal antibody hybridoma production service includes: immunization of 5 Balb/c mice, two-spleen fusion, and deliver one hybridoma line (the clone selected by the customer during the process). As an option, additional clones can be selected/subcloned if requested. In this project, we perform the entire procedure from animal acquisition and immunization to final antibody production of a selected clone. The entire service procedure is outlined below:

Development Phases

  • Antigen acquisition: receiving antigen provided by the customer
  • Phase 1: immunization of 5 balb/c mice, ELISA titer test; more boosters if necessory
  • Phase 2: cell fusion, hybridoma selection
  • Phase 3: ELISA screening for positive clones, positve clone expansion
  • Phase 4: subcloning of interested clones
  • Phase 5: cryostorage and production/purification

To schedule a monoclonal antibody developement project, customer will provide us with at least 3 mg of antigen sample (such as, highly purified protein, peptide-conjugated to KLH, or compound conjugated to a protein carrier).

To start the project and set up schedule, please fill out the order form, and send the completed form to us before shipping out the antigens.

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