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Antibody Production Service

We offer rabbit and rat polyclonal antibody production service, including peptide antibody production. To use our mouse ascites production service, please find the information about our mouse ascites production service.

Code Description Price
ES701 Polyclonal Antibody Production: 2 rabbits, 4 immunizations, 100 ml of antiserum, optinal for extended bleeds $675
ES701 Polyclonal Antibody Production: 1 rabbit, 4 immunizations, 50 ml of antiserum, optional for extended bleeds $485
PS001 Peptide Conjugation:conjugate peptide to carrier protein $500
ES601 Rat Polyclonal Antibody Production: 2 rats, 4 immunization, 10 ~ 14 ml of antiserum $620
HS510 Mouse Ascites Production: in Balb/c mice, 3 ~ 4 weeks project duration. Details
HS509 Mouse Hybridoma Development: use 5 Balb/c mice, including 2x subcloning, 5 months duration Details
PA001 Antibody Purification: monoclonal antibody purification and affinity purification for polyclonal antibody Inquire

Service Deliverables

Rabbit Polyclonal (ES701)

  • 1 or 2 rabbits
  • 4 immunizations
  • 5 ml pre-bleeds per animal
  • 50 ml antisera produced per animal
  • extended bleeds (if required)

Rat Polyclonal (ES601)

  • 2 rats
  • 4 immunizations
  • pre-bleeds
  • test bleeds (if required)
  • 10 ~ 12 ml of antisera produced
  • extended bleeds if required

Peptide Conjugation (PS001)

  • peptide synthesis (if required)
  • peptide-carrier protein conjugation

How to Use Our Services

  1. the customer provides the antigen (at least 2 mg per rabbit) or peptide conjugated to KLH;
  2. Once we receive the antigens, we set up immunization schedule and perform the pre-bleeds and first immunization on each rabbit;
  3. the customer receive the notice that the project is in progress, and 3x boost will be performed;
  4. (optional) if the customer request the test serum to be sent, the test bleeds will be collected before the last boost;
  5. the production antiserum will be collected after the final boost ;
  6. (optional) project can be extended beyond the schedule for addtional serum production or additional boost.

To start the project and set up schedule, please fill out the order form, and send the completed form to us before shipping out the antigens.

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