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Immunohistochemistry Reagents

In HRP-based immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining, the quality of detetion reagent is key to obtain the accurate and reproducible staining results. The TruVision ™ poly-HRP detection kit features our proprietary poly-HRP technology to provide superior sensitivity, high specificity and outstanding staining performance. The poly-HRP conjugate is created by attaching compact peroxidase enzyme clusters to antibody without using large linear backbone molecules. The compact poly-HRP conjugate has better accessibility to its target. This novel approach does not rely on biotin-avidin mechanism, and therefore eliminates potential background staining due to endogenous biotin activity.

The IHC Detection Kits are designed in several types for optimal staining results. Select the right type kits for your research needs.

ck-bc dab-ck7 aec-bc dab-tubulin

Immunostaining of breast carcinoma tissues: IHC Detection Kit (Cat. No. IHC751) was used in the IHC procedure. Figure A: detection of cytokeratin 7 with mouse anti-CK7 and DAB substrate; Figure B: detection of cytokeratin with anti-CK7 with DAB (higher magnification view) ; and Figure C: detection of Cadherin with mouse anti-E-Cadherin with AEC chromogen.

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